Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I get a little help from my friends

For those that have followed my blog and twitter you are aware that I am not a public speaker. I have personally chosen alternative paths to avoid as much speaking as I can. Not that I do not think I could be good at it, I am just petrified of coming to the wrong conclusion for my talk and being looked at like an idiot.
I had promised myself that the only time I would speak in front of a crowd was to defend my Thesis, and if work required it. Little did I know that this was going to start to change.

About 14 months ago Kevin Riggins put a little itch in my mind that just would not go away. Then this past summer at GFIRST I met Andrew Case, and he also mentioned that I should find something and present. I presented my first topic on Forensics to my College class, and while it was not the best I could have done, it was exciting. My professor at the time said I should clean it up and present it at some of the local conferences.

During this time I was also organizing BSidesIowa, I decided the best way to get selected at a conference was to submit to my conference and select myself. I also decided to roll the dice and submit to Secure360 and Sans DFIR Summit. I figured that I would easily get into BSidesIowa, and it would be a chance in a million to get selected for Secure360 and Sans DFIR Summit.

Announcements were made for BSidesIowa and surprisingly I was in…. This was short lived as I dropped my presentation for the allocation of some other speakers, and to give me time to concentrate organizing it. I was a little disappointed in dropping myself from the event, but I knew that there would be next year.

About 6 weeks after I decided I would drop from BSidesIowa, I received some congratulations on twitter about my talk. I was confused at first thinking this was some horrible joke conceived by Lee Whitfield, but alas I was wrong. I found out on a Wednesday that I was a Speaker to the Sans DFIR Summit. A few days later I learned that I was rejected from Secure360. SANS acceptance also convinced me to submit to GFIRST and I am prepping to submit to HTCIA.

In the days and weeks that have passed I still have not settled on an emotion for this opportunity. If you ask my wife, I am excited and I can’t stop talking about it. If you ask my daughter she hopes my talk is not as boring as it sounds, and my son likes to remind me that I have no idea what I am talking about but he loves me very much.

Personally I am very excited and nervous at the same time. Since the SANS Selection Board felt the topic would be interesting I am at least comfortable that someone finds the topic interesting. The resources that I have available to critique my research and my presentation will allow me to make sure that it is clean, crisp and easy to understand. My co-workers who have graciously agreed to sit and listen to me talk and provide constructive feedback in my presentation style.

I feel in the weeks leading up to my first conference will force me to step outside my comfort zone and improve my communication skills, one of the personal development goals that I have for this year.  Without a little help from my friends that have placed the thought of presenting, my family to support me, and the DFIR Community to believe in me, I do not think I would have taken this step.

Sans Topic: Windows 8 Forensic Artifacts
·         Recovery Options
o   System Refresh
o   System Recover
§  Quick Recover
§  Thorough Recover
o   System Restore Points
·         FileHistory Services
·     Possibly Metro Apps if time allows. 

If you haven’t registered, you can use my code, PrincipalGroup10, to save 10%.

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