Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome Back

I have chosen to try this again, not sure why or how I got side tracked in my blogging. A lot has happened in the last year that has lead me back to this path and actually finding a good topic to carry through on this blog over the next couple of years.

Those that know me long enough know that I have only been doing IT for about 7 years and infosec for about 5 of those. My passion lies in Digital Forensics, because of a professor I had at ITT-Tech, who introduced me to Helix. You can read more of my background in here.

So what has happened that made me decide to start blogging again? After a few heartfelt conversations with my wonderful and supporting wife I decided it was time to go back to school for a Ph.D my dream position would have been profiling online predators, but after talking to a few Law Enforcement specialist I realize that my timing to following that dream is quickly approaching and a Ph.D is not going to be attainable... While I would like to say that initially I was disappointed, I would be lying.. I was not looking forward to the Algorithm Design and Analysis class I would need to take.. Found out that instead I could get past it by going for a Masters Degree, and that I think will help fill the gaps in my skill set.

Since I stopped writing in my blog I have attended the Computer Hacker Forensic Investigator  week long training session. One of the first certifications that I was not impressed with, a lot of very broad information, but for the cost I could have gotten a SANS Certification.

With everything that has happened over the past year it has made me decide to change the direction of this blog, I am going to track and record my journey from an Information Security Specialist to a Lethal Forensicator hopefully someone can learn from my experience and can build on it.

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