Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Motivational Spark, Goals Defined

So last night I was on Twitter, and I happened to see that Sans Forensics and Rob Lee both linked to my blog. This has turned a blog with an avg weekly hit of 3 visits, to 167+ in one night. The sort of excitement that one feels when they are first linked to a blog that they follow is one that I cannot explain. Of course now I realize I must clean up my writing and strengthen my blog-fu to keep my visitors educated and entertained.
My first step in this journey is to get my MS in Information Assurance. I will be attending Iowa State University to pursue this degree. I chose them because location, hybrid option (online/onsite) for some of my classes, it is an NSA CAE school, and I can get a good technical background as I build my experience.  

Classes I am enrolled in this fall are as follows:

The rest of my list I will be gaining experience in the tools as I build out my lab at work, and start investigating malware and researching aspect of forensic analysis on them.
I will be pulling out my CHFI manuals, while I did not feel that the certification class was worth the money spent, I do feel that the books might hold more value than just paper weights.

Reading material that I will be either dusting off, or gathering will contain:

Stephen Northcutt, Mark Cooper, Matt Fearnow, and Karen Frederick, Intrusion Signatures and Analysis,
Chris Prosise and Kevin Mandia,
 Incident Response: Investigating Computer Crime
Brian Carrier, File System Forensic Analysis
Bruce Middleton, Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guid
Richard Bejtlich, Keith Jones and Curtis Rose, Real Digital Forensics
Cory Altheide and Harlan Carvey, Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools

Online Resources that will be utilized include:

This should get me through the end of the year with my 1st semester under my belt and all this extra reading. It will allow me to build my skill set and help define what my Thesis study will follow.
Any suggestions on a Thesis Research Topic would be wonderful. 

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  1. I just wrapped up my ME in Information Assurance from ISU last December. Good luck to you in the program.